Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wine Wednesday!!

As I mentioned earlier, there will be no Wednesday Wine Tasting. But what would Wednesday be without a little wine!??  Without giving away too much (we have such exciting news coming up!!!), we had some guests in this morning, so Greg pulled out a sample we received from Australia.  A little 10:30AM wine never hurt anyone.

Today's Tipple:  James Estate 2009 Cabernet Merlot
Alc: 13%
Appellation: Baerami, NSW Australia

Here's my humble (untrained) attempt at tasting notes:

Appearance:  Dull, dark purpley mauve
Nose: Dark red fruits; plum, currants, a little peppery spice
Palate: Austere and astringent, with dark fruit and currant flavors.  Hints of cherry, but overall unbalaced due to acidity.

How'd I do?

To tell you the truth both Greg and I found this wine to be a bit biting, but one of our guests really enjoyed it.  I guess it just further proves, to each his own....wine!  My guess it's higher on the Cabernet side due to the dark flavors and spice.  Personally, I prefer the fruit forward jammy wines. 

Since there is no WWT this evening (as it already occured this morning- love working in wine!) I will head down to the races, in the rain, in search of a good vino.  Tonight's theme of Wines in the Valley is France.  Pretty sure I won't find any jammy wines there.  Or perhaps I'll be surprised.  See ya in Happy Valley!

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