Sunday, March 11, 2012

Um, hello summer?

After I declared the beginning of spring, what does the weather go and do?  Yeah, goes back to winter grey for another round.  When will the sun shine and the blue skies come back!?

Sean and I manned our table at Kowloon Junior School on Saturday and I was shocked at the turn out.  Thousands (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration) of middle schoolers, parents, and teachers out on such a cold grey afternoon.  We were the only wine and gourmet food vendor as most other tables were set up for toys or the like.  One station of particular interest to me was the book and DVD vendor at the end of our room.  She had a great selection and everything was $10!  I walked out of there with a new Christian Slater movie, 'He Was a Quiet Man,' and book 'We Need to Talk About Kevin,' for $20.  Can't beat that!

Booth at KJS

On Sunday HOFWs took a rest, so I went down to Stanley for a dragon boat meeting at Groucho's.  Have you ever been to Groucho's?!  What a great beer selection! I hadn't planned on getting an afternoon beer, but with a list of Belgian beauties like that, how could I resist!?  I ordered the Leffe 9 which I had never heard of before.  I LOVE Leffe Brun, and after studying in Belgium for a semester it quickly became my go-to awesome beer.  I was quite pleased when I moved here to find it on tap at several places (The Globe!).  And again Leffe didn't disappoint.  By the end of our outdoor meeting I was kind of wishing I had a hot coffee, but when in Rome.   Anyone else try anything new this weekend?  Any interesting tales of wining and dining?  Go ahead, don't be shy, tell us!

Another new favorite!

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