Friday, February 17, 2012

Diary of an Intern; Goodbye!


Today was a very depressing day at the company as it was my last day of work experience. When I got in I met Lionel who is head of Logistics. He talked me through how difficult it can be, and some of the obstacles the had to overcome.  For example, when delivering how to decide which route is most efficient. Then I watched Greg and Sean have a meeting with 2 guys who wanted to do a partnership in China. After that two crates of wine came in and we had to arrange them so that there was still space and we could get to the other wines behind them. There were 200 boxes and Lionel and I had to carry them from outside the door into the warehouse. 

As it was my last day Greg took us all out for lunch as the kind person he is. It was a nice bar, great food and good deals. I got the rib eye steak, medium well cooked with some mash potato on the side. The steak was delicious and perfectly cooked. 

When we got back from lunch Greg and I went over everything we have done in the week.
I said my thank you’s and goodbyes

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