Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sakesan Success

The Red; Chianti Classico Reserve, Dominio Reserva, Barbera, 2005 Saint Emillion Grand Crus
First of all, a HUGE thank you to Sakesan for allowing us to use their gorgeous space!  The long table with leather trimmed chairs, three types of wine glasses, dim warm lighting, and modern chic vibe provided the perfect set up for a fun night of wine and friends. JC served as our wine expert, and as always, lead an educational and interesting discussion of our wine selections.  We also had a special guest speaker, Gonzalo Mendieta, from Heredad Ugarte Winery come out and act as our guest speaker. JC asked him about Spain, his favorite wines, and why Heredad Ugarte is an exemplary winery.  By the end of the evening everyone agreed the Dominio de Ugarte Reserva was the resounding favorite with the Baron Boutisse a close second.

Gonzalo and JC

The Dominio is a fruitier fuller bodied wine, whereas the Baron Boutisse has a smooth complexity that ensures it will continue to get better with age.  Both would serve as the perfect accompaniment to charcuterie or cheese plate. 

Good Times     
  • The Sauvignon Blanc, which if from the largest organic farm in the world, was also popular among imbibers.  In my opinion it's perfect for a warm day spent outside.  Good for casually sipping, or as an accompaniment to a picnic, the ease and lightness allow for versality.  And hey, it's organic which means less of a hangover!  Organic ensures it has less sulfites.  Less sulfites equals less headache. 
More on our RC Lemaire Champagne and Chianti Classico tomorrow!

Thanks to all of our guests, JC, and Gonzalo, and the kind people at Sakesan.  Can't wait for next week!

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