Thursday, February 23, 2012


Good morning!  Today is an exciting day in the world of wines.  Well, in Hong Kong at least.  The Mira hotel in TST is hosting the China Wine Awards!!  Woo!  The awards are put on by Kelly England Publishing and will judge China's best value wine and China's best value spirit.  Baijiu anyone?? Although I'm not totally sure what all is involved, I know Portrait Wines will be there showcasing some of their brandies, and word on the street is there will be sampling.  Samples of China's best?  Ok, I know.  But let's not judge so quickly, shall we?

Greg, Sean and myself will be heading down later to check out the scene.  Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook if you're there too. 

HOFWs is off another weekend!  This is unprecedented!  February is a slow month for trade shows, so this allows us some time to stay out all night get out and make some sales the old fashioned way.  I will be frolicking around Kowloon City tomorrow to see if any of the numerous gourmet shops are interested in widening their selections of wines and foods. 

On a totally random note, does anyone think it's odd that Hong Kong is hosting a Fur & Fashion Fair at the end of spring?  Who wears fur in HK?  And who's buying it now?  And why is there an entire four day festival based around it?  The whole concept is quite odd to me.  With that said, I'll probably pop in and see what it's all about.  Sean says there will be fur undies!

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